Living in a 3D world!

A new hobby may be trending into a full-blown consumer market. Of course the technology I am talking about is 3D printing.

On September 21 the second 3D printer retail store opened in Pasadena, California called Deezmaker. Diego Porqueras is the store owner of Deezmaker and he has been quoted saying  “3D printing has very broad applications, from making toys at home to [potentially] printing out kidneys,” Porqueras added. “There’s a million things you can do with a 3D printer. I think anybody trying to get into the market now will have a chance of surviving.” Their current model is called the Bukobot and currently goes for $600 retail price. It isn’t as flashy as it’s competitor but it does cost a fraction of the price so it depends on your preference which version you would want to get.

The first retail store’s name is MakerBot located in New York which opened on September 20 2012. Bre Pettis is the CEO of MakerBot and focuses more on appearance and functionality of his printer then on low cost. The Makerbot model is called the Replicator 2 and is sold at $2,200.

The possibilities of this invention are numerous and new ideas are surfacing everyday.

Like high tech furniture

Or Organs


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