3 Ways to Charge Your Mobile Without Plugging It Into the Wall

3 Alternative Ways to Bring Your Battery Back to Life

Have you ever been in the middle of something extremely important and everything is going great until suddenly, the unthinkable happens.

Your phone or laptop dies.

In a single moment all that extensive planning you stayed up all night to do is absolutely worthless.

Panicking you search frantically for an outlet only to discover your charger is still plugged in at home.

It doesn’t need to be presentation day for this to annoy you. It’s simply a good idea to keep an alternative source of energy generation with you in case of such emergency.

This is no where near as costly as it used to be and it’s getting more efficient every month so I decided to compile a list of three useful ways to charge your electronic device in a pinch.

1. The Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack.

Image source: http://www.voltaicsystems.com/img/converter-s-large.jpg

First on the list is the Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack and it works just as well for the average city-dweller as it does for the avid explorer. When the battery is fully charged it provides up to 19 hours of talk time or 48 hours of music playback. It has a padded laptop sleeve, is waterproof and will do a good job of protecting whatever inside providing you don’t expose it to excessive force. It works with nearly every mobile device but to see if yours is compatible just check out their website (link supplied below).

Say you’re going on a half hour walk to your friends house and your phones dead but you have to leave right away. This $149 backpack can charge your phone for an hour and a half of talk time on the way.

On the website of the company that makes these backpacks it states: “Voltaic Systems makes products that produce and store their own power to run your electronics anywhere.”

Although this backpack is slightly expensive it is well worth the value in my opinion to know for certain that you have the energy needed, on your back.


2. Kinesis K3 Wind and Solar Charger


Image source: http://www.kinesisindustries.com/kinesis/products

Another innovative find I stumbled across recently is the Kinesis K3 Wind and Solar Charger. On the product’s info page it claims: “The K3 collects and stores power from the sun and wind, or from an AC wall plug, computer via USB, or an auto adapter. ” Very handy for bringing along fully charged when going out on a longer trip and when the power starts to drain you’ll still have the option of charging it with wind, sun or both.

This charger is very visually appealing looking dynamic and extremely portable. It’s outfitted with LED indicators so you know when the power is getting low. Priced at $100 it is cheaper then the Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack and with multiple ways to recharge it’s internal battery it can  be used in almost any environment. It works with most devices and it is certainly not a bad idea to have a charged K3 at hand for that perfect moment. Even if your phone is fine, you might just save somebody’s day.


3.  The Orange ‘Sound Charge’ t-shirt 

As explained in the name, the Sound Charge T shirt charges your device by sound. It works by converting the sound waves it catches into an electric charge which is then stored in a reservoir battery. Being the most creative form of energy generation I’ve found so far I wasn’t surprised to discover it is still in progress but is expected to come out in 2013.
With this charger you won’t need to be out in the sun or trying to capture the wind in order to receive energy. It literally takes the effort of putting the shirt on and locating yourself somewhere that has a decent amount of noise and the shirt should do the rest. Plus isn’t it nice when people point out how original your clothing style is? I’d say that is an added feature they did not intend. Perfect conversation starter.
Stranger: “Why is your phone on your chest?”
You: “Well i’m glad you asked!”


There are loads more alternative ways to charge your electronic devices like hand cranks but these were the most eye-catching in my opinion and the highest quality for the price asked. I can’t wait for the Sound Charge T shirt to be released but in the mean time I just might have to get myself a new solar charger.

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