Potential Google AdWords Campaign


I’m considering embarking upon a first time Google Adwords campaign for this blog but was unsure which ad that I’ve created is the best.Which do you like most?

Let me know in the comment section or post your own ideas if you think you have a better concept then what I’ve come up with. The campaign would ideally run the times when the most amount of people are working or in school. This would generally be from early fall until early winter and then from late winter to late spring.

If you want to try your hand at creating an Adwords campaign for either my  blog or any similar blog I can let you know what keywords will work best.

Top 8 key words/phrases:

1. Renaissance Art

2. Education Technology

3. Future Technology

4. Smartphone Gadgets

5. Emerging Technology

6. Technology of 2040

7. Self-Driving Cars

8. 3D Printing

Smartphones of 2040?

Wireless Charging?

Discover Future Technology at…


Art Vs. Science

What side are you on?

Discover the Renaissance…


Scientific Breakthroughs!

What Technology Will Shape Society?

Find out NOW at…


The Future of Journalism?

Newspapers are dying.

What will the news industry become?


Space-Based Solar Power

Self-Driving Cars & 3D Printing

These inventions are coming out…


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