After I Die, I Will Live Through Social Media to Lead Elaborate Treasure Hunts

What will you do after you die?

It’s a hard question to answer considering no one knows for sure what happens. But what if you could leave a program that could carry through with your final requests digitally?

Meet DeadSocial, a company that will freely send pre-made tweets, Facebook posts and LinkedIn posts on your behalf, after you’ve bit the dust.


An article from titled, “Drop dead and still be social,” got me thinking: What can the social me get up to after my physical self is gone?

In the article it states, “Founder James Norris touts DeadSocial as a way to ‘be able to say those final goodbyes.. All messages are public right now, but DeadSocial plans to offer private messaging options in the future.'”

Now I’m not sure about you, but I am quite a fan of hi-jinks, charades, antics, escapades and really any sort of adventure that features some sort of reward or prize at the end of it so when I heard about this it immediately got the cogs a whirring’. What message would I leave behind and who would I leave it to?

I think I might have to leave the most valuable and odd items of my personal collections to different groups of acquaintances whom I have grown close to but who have never met one another and create a massive treasure hunt in which each of them will play a part. Without putting all of the clues together, they will never be able to locate all of the safety deposit boxes, time capsules, and storage centres in which the prizes reside.

There may be projects that they will have to complete such as creating a similar plan for their descendants or putting together a time capsule of their own. I just hope my descendants have the same sense of adventure as I do.

Building upon the premise of setting up pre-made messages to be distributed, an app-in-the-making called ‘LivesOn‘ seeks to, “allow users to keep posting Twitter updates from beyond the grave, independently using intricate knowledge of your online character to create a virtual continuation of your personality after you die.” Source
There are also more companies that have entered into this market but these two have been the most featured in he news recently.

An article on Russia Today explains,

LivesOn’ will let users pursue ‘life after death’ on their social media profiles, letting the deceased communicate with loved ones. LivesOn will keep posting after you kick the bucket, following the example of the DeadSocial platform. “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting,” says the new application’s tagline.

The website is already functional and is accepting applicants. So I ask myself what would the recreated social me say?
Would these posts comfort or worry my contacts? If I saw a loved ones’ post from the grave, I think that their personal quirks and idiosyncrasies would win me over with overly nostalgic feelings.
Well I guess this is the first stepping stone on the path to immortality unlocked by virtual realities.
Soon the person may not have to come first and the bot might actually have a personality without ever having been flesh.
As far as concepts go to reach past the grave, this one stands out because of the ease of use, free nature, and revolutionizing the ‘final letter’ by actually creating a ‘final writer’ and having it continually post final letters based upon the kind of content you posted while you were alive.

So reader, what do you think? Do you find the dead sharing social media secrets comforting or creepy?

Would you allow a digital version of your personality to roam free across the internet for all eternity?

2 thoughts on “After I Die, I Will Live Through Social Media to Lead Elaborate Treasure Hunts

  1. Read the book ‘Ready Player One’.
    Its Awesome and in it a dead masssively wealthy gaming tycoon leaves his inheritance in the form of a treasure hunt for easter eggs he has left in the virtual world. Cracking the riddles requires intimate knowledge of the 80’s and video game history.

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