The Last Question By: Isaac Asimov

          last qquestion

          Isaac Asimov’s short narrative depicts a series of interactions between human lives throughout various moments in the future. The evolution of humans is accompanied by the evolution of a super computer originally referred to as Multivac. As time passes the base question of “Can entropy be reversed?” is asked to the computer. Every time the computer gives the response INSUFFICIENT DATA FOR MEANINGFUL ANSWER in various forms. This story may leave you questioning the nature of things.


We tell stories to share ideas, promote thought and to entertain; Isaac Asimov’s short story preforms all three functions fluidly and exceptionally well. To not reflect on the direction human society as well as even the seemingly absurd possibilities of life would be a mistake. It would be a mistake in that whatever we believe or could possibly strive for would be subject to mediocrity.  The meanings behind this story are open to the reader’s interpretation as in any story, but to go through life with cavalier foresight or hindsight would be erroneous. To overcome ignorance, our understanding of life and our own purposes have to evolve with the new information we receive.  So be it fiction or new scientific discoveries use your own imagination to explore the endless possibilities.


Links for both the written copy and an audio version are provided below.

(Audio reading) –

(Text) –

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