Top 5 Futuristic Crowd-Funded Gadgets of 2013


Crowd funding is a trend that has truly taken off in 2012 and 2013 and with it comes many amazing futuristic gadgets. Here is a list of the top 5 futuristic crowd-funded gadgets, but keep in mind there are a plethora of other mind-boggling, eye-watering technological advancements that are set to knock your socks off. Just visit Kickstarter or Indiegogo every so often as there are new ideas being invested in by people like you and me every day!

If I missed any truly important crowd-funded inventions please go right ahead and tell me so in the comments section.

Zero Emission Light Source: Gravity light

GravityLight is an invention for developing nations that provides 30 minutes of light after pulling on the weight for 3 seconds. When they are mass produced each GravityLight only costs $5 to make and does not require any fuel, ever. A truly brilliant and innovative idea that the makers say might be able to apply to charging cell phones or other purposes down the road.

Public Space Telescope: Arkyd

Arkyd is advertised on its Kickstarter page as a “Space Telescope For Everyone” and after successfully raising $1,500,000 soon anyone with internet access will be able to take pictures of asteroids safely from the comfort of their own home.

The first Medical Tricorder: Scanadu Scout

Ever gone on-line when you’re feeling ill to try and diagnose yourself? Scary what results pop up, but what if you could get an accurate, doctor-quality self-diagnosis in an instant? The Scanadu Scout is able to measure your heart rate, skin/core temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, ECG, emotional stress and more all in under 15 seconds.

Smart Home Security: Canary

Canary comes equipped with a HD camera, a microphone, night vision, a motion detector,  a siren and it can measure the temperature, air quality, and humidity. All this info gets transmitted directly to your smartphone so you know your house is safe at all times.

Smart Doorbell: DoorBot

DoorBot is a wifi-enabled doorbell that allows you to answer your door with your smartphone from wherever you are in the world. It has a sleek and modern looking design and I predict they (or another brand of the same product) will be common on most homes by 2017/2018.

BONUS: Smart watches

Smart watches such as Pebble, don’t do anything for me personally but no one can deny the amount of traction they’ve received through crowd funding so they’ve earned a spot on the list.

Pebble received $10,266,845 in funding from people all around the world and many others have done just as well. Watch for them to become extremely popular in 2014/2015.

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