Mind Controlled Limbs: What Will Be Next?


Top of the news today is the first mind-controlled bionic leg and it is being called a groundbreaking advance.

Although still quite expensive, how long will it be before this technology is available to the average joe?

“The ultimate cost of the final product is unknown, says Hargrove, although upper extremity prostheses range from $20,000 to $120,000. “We are leveraging developments in related industries to make sure we use low-cost components whenever possible,” Hargrove told NBC News.”

The article claims that he controls his new bionic leg using only his brain which is somewhat misleading considering the sensors are actually placed within his residual leg.

If it was the brain, this would be bigger news for people who are paralyzed from the neck down.

Still we are quickly approaching an age where losing a ming is more of an inconvenience than a tragedy.

In other bright limb replacing news, a man/woman used a 3D printer to create an artificial hand right from their bedroom!


What once was impossible in a top tier medical facility has now become doable from your home!

We can only expect to see more spectacular advances in augmenting and repairing our bodies and minds. The only question I have to ask is: What will be next?

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