5 Quirky Gift Items for Under $30 Birthdays, Holidays and Anniversaries

Trouble getting dad a Father’s Day present? Not sure what to get your partner for your anniversary?

It’s hard to get a gift for the person who has everything so you’ve got to get inventive! Check out these edgy gift items that are rare enough you might just get a laugh whoever you get it for.

1. Giant Reusable Red SOLO Cup 


The perfect home prop to use as a conversation starter to get things rolling when you have company over. Joke about your HUGE drinking problem or get a bunch and suggest a giant flip-cup game. It’s a fun gift for someone who appreciates the creativity and alcohol related-humour.

2. Mini Reusable Red SOLO Cup Shot Glass


Or if you want to make the joke that you have a small drinking problem maybe the Red SOLO cup shot glass necklace is the gift for you. Great for house parties, weddings, or general outings.

3. Nihilist Toothpaste


For the gift giver with a witty sense of humour, try handing out the Nihlist Toothpaste. It’s advertised as no flavour, no colour, nothing. It’s an awesome gift for someone who is about to leave for a trip.

4. Remote Controlled Mop


Perfect gift for kids who love remote controlled toys because now they can clean the floor too!

5. A laser pointer that can pierce the atmosphere


Well the professional, full quality model costs $300 – $1000 so it probably won’t work as a gift but if you buy one from a discount store for $20 and it can still shine over 10,000 metres. Buy two and have a lightsaber fight in the sky!

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