Sci-Fi Short Film: Using Mind Uploading to Solve Crime

From The Singularity Weblog (great source of awesome interviews and content about futurism), I found this amazing sci-fi video about using mind uploading to solve a crime. Below is the description they provided.

The Final Moments of Karl Brant is a 15-minute short film about mind uploading. The movie profiles a scientist who is working on a cutting edge whole brain emulation technology and gets murdered right after copying his memory onto a hard drive. Then two police detectives revive Karl Brant’s mind upload in order to catch his killer.

The future is an exciting topic especially when it comes to technology.

We’ve entered an era of unprecedented growth where we can expect to see self-driving cars, smarter A.I., commonplace 3D printing and important medical breakthroughs that may hold the key to solving some of the worst diseases.

Many of these technologies are widely accepted and others are dismissed as mere fantasy. One advancement that captures my interest and may hold the key to unlocking immortality is mind uploading.

Some questions I often get asked in discussion about mind-uploading are:

  • If my consciousness is copied over to another host, is it still me?
  • Is it ethical to let people live forever?
  • Won’t this only allow the rich to benefit?
  • When will this be available?
  • What would the process be for uploading a mind?

There are no easy answers to these questions and I expect much of it is simply personal belief. Myself, I think that what is contained inside of your brain is you. There is probably so such thing as a soul or any part of your personality contained inside or outside of your body.

Since your consciousness is created by the trillions of synapses or connection between neurons in your brain, theoretically if you copied these connections and could recreate them exactly as they are, you could create a copy of your mind.MIND-UPLOADING-520

Imagine having checkpoints, every two years you get your mind backed up and stored somewhere just in case of an accident. But is it still you? If you got hit by a car on the way out the door and died, then they put your mind backup into an identical double, would it be you who would wake or someone else?

This really gets into the question of what defines us as individuals. Is it our experiences, our memories? Is it the people we know or the environment we choose to be in? All of these things could be theoretically transferred to a new body.

The ethics of immortality is tricky. Many people believe we  don’t deserve the right to live forever. They believe all livings things should eventually die and I disagree. Well you should at least have a choice in the matter. Modern medicine has allowed humans to triple our lifespan and yet we still fall prey to the biological weaknesses that come with old age. Why not take it a step further and remove death altogether?

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