4 Thought-Provoking, Creative Sculptures

Great art gets you thinking in different ways about all sorts of things.

  • What does the piece of art mean?
  • What did the artist envision while he was creating it?
  • What inspired this piece of art and what will it inspire in turn?

Or maybe you just like the way it looks and enjoy browsing through photos of creative expression. Whatever your passion, here are 4 creative sculptures to occupy your time.

1. My Dead Family – Beached Whale in the Forest

This brilliant piece of art is the work of Argentinean sculptor Adrián Villar Rojas and is called My Dead Family. It is 28 metres long and symbolizes that climate change effects every corner of the earth and not just the polar ice caps. To read an enlightening article about Rojas’ work visit the Goethe Institute’s article about it.

whale in forest sculpture whale in forest winter whale in forest

2. Metalmorphosis

Metalmorphosis is a water fountain made of stainless steel layers that spin around to form a huge silver head. The sculptor is David Černý and he built it at the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. There is a live webcam you can check out or view more images here. To me, this sculpture symbolizes humanity’s ever-changing form.

metalmorhpisis metalmorphisis fountain metalmorphisis


3. Walking to the Sky, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

This steel spire with the seven people climbing up it into the sky can symbolize many things depending on your interpretation.  My take on it was that it demonstrates the strength of human potential can exceed the apparent limits society set for us. The sculptor, Jonathon Borofsky says, “Walking to the Sky’ is a portrait of all of humanity rising upwards from the earth to the heavens above — striving into the future with strength and determination. Ultimately, this sculpture is a symbol for our collective search for wisdom and awakened consciousness.”

walk to the sky

4. The Car Bus

This one is literally 50 cars packed together into the shape of one bus. This bus sculpture illustrates how much pollution and traffic could be saved if we weren’t so reliant upon personal transportation. It was built by a bus company next to the Stockholm airport to try and convince people that public transportation is a great option. You can view pictures of the sculpture being create on CreativeReview.

flygbussarna night

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