Do We Have a Livable Minimum Wage In Canada?

The short and sweet answer is no.

Ontario just decided to raise their minimum wage to $11 an hour which ties with Nunavut for the second highest minimum wage in Canada. The changes will be taking effect in June, 2014 but is it enough for the 500,000 people in Ontario who work minimum wage jobs?

At $11 an hour, a person working full time still only makes $22,880 in a 40 hour work week falling below the poverty line which is $23,000. The main criticism that accompanies raising the minimum wage is that it will cause inflation. However many experts believe that the price increases wouldn’t exceed the amount gained by the wage raise. Minimum wages vary between just under $10 to $11.


A recent article from states, “According to a report from the Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives, a living wage for “a decent quality of life” is as high as $18.69 per hour in Halton and $16.60 per hour in Toronto.”

Australia’s minimum wage is nearly $17 once you;re an adult and staggered before then which is possibly something that might work for Canada. Check out this list of minimum wage prices around the world.


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