Internet 3.0: A Fully Connected World

Technology and the future are two of my favorite topics to discuss, argue, and research. When the two come together, possibilities are endless. A noteworthy trend that is quickly evolving society is having everyday items connected to the internet allowing them to communicate with each other.

Some of the things that have already adapted include:

smart devices

In the not-so-distant future, our technological advancements are going to allow for:

  • Your car to sense upcoming traffic jams and offer you alternate routes without any prompting
  • Dog bowls that can display when the food is going to run out
  • Fridges that can tell you exactly what is inside and what recipes can be used with the ingredients

New developments are coming out all the time. A pretty amazing hack someone pulled off using a Fitbit (fitness watch) to pause Netflix when  it recognizes that you’ve fallen asleep and restarting it again once you’ve woken up might just become a feature in one of the next smart watches.

This is still only the beginning. People describe the versions of the internet as:

  • Internet 1.0: You could read stuff about X
  • Internet 2.0: You can read and write stuff about X
  • Internet 3.0 You can experience X unprompted. If you are interested in something, information will gather abut that subject on your devices without you ever having to look it up more than a few times.


We are truly becoming a smart society. Smart houses. Smart cars. Smart boats. Smart bars.

My Samsung Galaxy S4 phone already gives me an estimate on how long it will take to get home based upon my GPS without me having to ask. It’s all part of a new era of intelligent applications. When you type “population of Toronto” into the Google search bar, you still expect to get Wikipedia with the answer but Google actually provides you  with the answer. Google Now is a great example of semantic search. All you have to do is have you GPS turned on and connected to your Google account and it will give you all sorts of useful information automatically.

In a recent article by Marketplace called, By 2020, there will be 10 web-connected devices per human, they state that, “Dell predicts that there will be 70 billion connected devices by 2020 — meaning 10 devices per human.” Can you imagine ten web-connected devices you own now given that it is only six years away?

Myself I own a(n):

  1. Android Smartphone
  2. iPad
  3. Apple TV
  4. Samsung watch which connects to my phone
  5. Desktop computer
  6. Laptop

So I’m looking forward to a potentially web-connected car, wallet, and who knows what else within the next ten years. What smart items are you going to put on your list?

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