When will wearable technology become the norm?

Many wearable technologies have surfaced recently but have yet to make it to the mainstream. We’re hearing a lot about Google Glasses, Smartwatches,  Are you ready to wear your tech?

An article just came out in The Guardian called, Wearables: one-third of consumers abandoning devicesthat claims the first generation of wearable devices is starting to flop. They list many reasons that the trend hasn’t taken off yet including:

  • limited battery life
  • limited amount of useful apps to accompany the devices
  • the look of the devices

The author of the article compared this first generation of Smartwatches to the first wave of mp3 players. They could hold the same amount of songs as a CD, we’re a lot more expensive, and died a lot faster. So to begin with their really was little benefit aside from being ahead of the curve if you’re into that sort  of thing.


Myself I  own a Galaxy GEAR Smartwatch which connect to my Android phone. The reason I enjoy it is just for the basic functions. I hardly use the camera or voice commands on it yet which are some of the more impressive features. I work in an office where I can’t check my phone unless I’m on my lunch break. My girlfriend’s pregnant, family members are sick, and there are whole host of other potential emergencies that could crop up during that time intermingled among all of the less important messages I receive in a day. I can’t answer but at least with my Samsung GEAR on I can check to see who messaged or called me and what they said.

I can also answer my phone from my wrist in the car since I don’t have any hands-free speaker set up and that works pretty well for avoiding tickets so far. Sure Google Glass still looks a little weird and you might get a few odd looks while talking into your wrist if you’re answering a call or sending a text through voice command, but for how long? People used to think the bluetooth wireless phone piece was weird and now it’s just synoymous with the busy businessman.

I predict that wearable technology will be commonplace by 2025 in a variety of forms. We’ll just have to see how the second generation GEAR does.

For more information and articles on the latest developments in wearable tech, I suggest visiting Mashables Wearable Devices category on their website. Right now there is wearable tech that can:

  • help you sleep
  • unlock your bitcoin wallet with your heartbeat
  • provides you a wig with lasers and GPS

Why? Because people, we can . Because. We. Can.

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