What is De Vos Discoveries purpose?

To bring forward concepts and products that make life easier to live and gifts easier to give.

What my blog’s about + Who am I:

My name is Colton De Vos and I am a second year student in the Creative Communications course at Red River College and my major is public relations.

As technological and ideological breakthroughs continue to occur exponentially faster it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s going on.

To simplify matters, I scour the internet everyday looking for the most useful advances  to help the individual, the community and the country.

As long as the breakthrough has the potential to improve the quality of life I report on it.

I cover everything from news on gadgets to developments in reforming social services.

This is why I’ve created my blog, to help document and report on interesting discoveries that may become prominent in the near future.

The information this blog has to provide is intended to help you stay ahead of the curve and should you have any additions you would like to see featured on the site just contact me with your idea and an explanation of how the discovery will help improve lives.

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